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FDA Approval for EirGen Product EIR-087

23 Mar

EirGen Pharma are delighted to announce that our product EIR-087 has today received approval from US FDA. This highly toxic chemotherapy agent was taken through our R&D pipeline to approval and is the first approved ANDA by FDA for this treatment. This is a highly...

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OPKO Announces U.S. Launch of RAYALDEE™

23 Nov

MIAMI, Nov. 23, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OPKO Health, Inc. (Nasdaq:OPK), today announced that it will commence shipments of RAYALDEE™ (calcifediol) extended-release capsules to distributors in the United States on Tuesday, November 29, 2016. The product will be available nationwide at retail pharmacies as early as...

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EirGen Pharma Quality Week 2016

24 Jun

EirGen Pharma held yet another successful Quality Week which helps to promote & encourage the Quality mindset company wide, through fun events each day as well as annual regulatory GMP training. We would like to thank Waterford Health Park Pharmacy for sponsoring some of the super prizes...

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EirGen Donations to Local Charities

28 Apr

EirGen Pharma are delighted to present two of their chosen charities with donations today. Mary Lacey Crowe from the Sacred Heart Centre popped in to collect their donation which they are using to buy a picnic table for their playground. Later then today Oliver from WLR visited...

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EirGen Pharma Adopt ÍON Wellness Programme

24 Mar

Creating a healthy environment at work means putting our own health first. That’s why we’ve adopted ÍON wellness programme www.ionherbs.com. We all take one herbal tonic a day as part of our afternoon ritual. ÍON health tonics are 100% plant-based but are also under-pinned by EU-approved...

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ANDA Approval for EirGen Product EIR-060

11 Feb

EirGen Pharma are delighted to announce that our product EIR-060 has received approval from US FDA as of yesterday. EIR-060 is indicated for the treatment of various forms of brain tumours and is a very important approval for EirGen as it represents another product taken...

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EirGen Pharma Product EIR-101 filed with the FDA

03 Feb

EirGen Pharma are pleased to announce the filing of product EIR-101 with the US FDA.  Eir-101 is a treatment for breast cancer in post-menopausal women and is a first to file generic application making this a highly significant opportunity for EirGen made possible by great work across all departments...

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EirGen Supports Waterford Charities

29 Jan

Great celebrations and good spirits in EirGen Pharma yesterday - the Site & Social Communications team were busy presenting cheques to the employee nominated charities (proceeds of 2015 fundraising). Suzanne and Lorraine from WASSA (Waterford Autism Sports & Social Action) popped in to receive their...

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