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Copy of Eirgen Pharma will save 13,000 Pounds of Waste from Landfills and see an 80% Decrease in Env

Cold Chain Technologies, a leading global provider of thermal packaging solutions for the transportation of temperature-sensitive products for the life sciences industry, announced today that Eirgen Pharma, Ltd. chose CCT’s 100% curbside recyclable and repulpable shipping solution for critical medications.

Eirgen Pharma is a pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercial supply of high potency, high barrier to entry, pharmaceutical products

for sale in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia, most European countries, and more than 50 others around the world. The company, established in 2005, has been part of OPKO Health since 2015, and its guiding principle is to improve and enhance patients’ lives. (

Earth Day’s 2022 theme is ‘Invest in Our Planet’; and as of today, CCT has helped Life Science companies save over 6.6 million pounds of waste from landfills and has delivered 2.7 million curbside recyclable and repulpable shippers to patients and clinicians globally.

“Keeping with this year’s theme, we have invested significant manufacturing and engineering resources to develop and grow our TRUEtemp Naturals® line. We aim to provide a complete, comprehensive suite of products and services focused on performance, sustainability, and digital optimization,” said Ranjeet Banerjee, CEO of CCT.

Eirgen Pharma sought an earth-friendly solution to replace its expanded polystyrene (EPS) packaging as EPS does not break down in a landfill. Their new TRUEtemp Naturals® solution is a thermally stable, beautifully designed, 100% curbside recyclable, and repulpable shipper that costs 4% less than their EPS packaging.

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