Contract Packaging 

Contract Packaging

While other CMOs and CDMOs may outsource the packaging of your product, here at Eirgen Pharma we handle all packaging and global serialisation in-house. Not only does this ensure a higher level of quality for your end product but it enables us to drastically reduce lead times for the entire manufacturing-to-market life cycle. This also allows us to offer pharmaceutical contract packaging as a standalone service for partners who may have their own manufacturing facilities or existing manufacturing partnerships. 

Our state-of-the-art packaging facility meets global industry standards and allows for a fully customised packaging process to suit all forms of single-dose oral drugs including:

  • Film-coated tablets

  • Soft-gel 

  • Hard-shell capsules (powder/liquid-filled)




Eirgen CPO Contract Packaging Organisation

Our Contract Packaging service includes global serialisation and quality batch release to global markets. 

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