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Simplifying complex drug development & manufacturing

At Eirgen, a streamlined development and manufacturing process combined with our industry expertise accelerates your molecule to market.

From the preformulation phase right through to packaging for commercial distribution, Eirgen provides a customised service that allows you to develop and manufacture your product at scale. 

Eirgen CDMO Processes.png

A flexible approach 

Unexpected challenges are synonymous with drug development and in our many years in the industry, we’ve developed a flexible and agile approach that allows us to adapt our processes to limit any delays that may affect bringing your product to market. Once you have a clinical milestone to hit, you can rest assured that we will do all we can to ensure you reach it. This adaptability is what sets Eirgen apart, making us a trusted CDMO partner.

We get it right the first time

Our industry knowledge and experience has seen Eirgen maintain a blemish-free track record of always delivering a high-quality product on schedule. Whether it’s smaller batches for clinical trials or mass production, we ensure that your product meets the highest possible standards through every step of the process. This includes the use of lean manufacturing procedures to limit waste and reduce overall costs on your project. Our impeccable record is a source of immense pride at Eirgen with each and every employee doing their level best to ensure that we get it right the first time, every time. 

Start your process

If you have a concept that you’d like us to help you bring to market? Hit the button below and fill in our contact form.

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